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Monday, August 16, 2004

The trip from Seattle was long and unrepentantly frustrating. Air Canada!! Most of our flying time was puddle jumping from Montreal to Wabush in a twin engine Dash 8 Turbo-prop aircraft. We arrived a day late (there is a story here) and spent the night in Wabush or Lab City. Fly into Wabush you see water everywhere lake and connecting waters that stretch into the horizon. Oh yes, when we arrived in Wabush there was a “boil order” in effect. It seemed to be a joke of the town but no one was drinking the Water. Gary Shaw brought the team a 5 gallon bucket taken from a local spring. It tasted great and we all laughed about being surrounded by the purest water in the world and were now unable to drink it.

We arrived in Wabush on Monday the 16th. Our trip from Seattle to Wabush was not without its moments. In Seattle the airplane’s (Air Canada) batteries were left on from the night cleaning and so they had to get new batteries. This caused a delay that rippled through our 6 stops flight schedule to Wabush. Where is Wabush??

Seattle is on the left arrow and Wabush is on the right arrow. From Wabush the B-17 sinking site is about 200 miles northwest. When we cleared customs and immigration in Vancouver B.C., we had two agent chase our group down and asked for the paperwork back. They, the immigration agents, both just realized that Labrador was part of Canada. They needed to change our paperwork accordingly. Needless to say the areas we are working is remote.

When we arrived in Wabush the whole city was on a boil order and we were warned not to drink or even brush our teeth in the water. It was hardly the key to the city but the locals made us feel welcome- our first night we dined on a hind quarter of caribou. It does not taste like chicken and it was very much appreciated by the whole team.