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Gordon Forguson


My experience as a diver has taken me all over the world, in both professional and amateur settings. From diving the oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico, to Videographing the pristine wilderness of Sea Otter Sound Alaska. Vacationing with family and friends on dive boats in Tahiti, Hawaii and the Puget Sound, to securing technical divers in Washington State rivers, and lakes, searching for bodies, and recovering Vessels. Too, now the Ultimate Wilderness Experience of the Outback of Labrador, retrieving the “Labradorean B-17”.

  • Divers Institute Seattle WA. 111-78
  • Hard hat qualified, open circuit Air and Mixed gas
  • Advanced Scuba operations
  • Recompression Chamber Operator
  • U/W welding, OxyArc Cutting ops
  • Topside and U/W Video Camera and Recording Technician
  • U/W Rigger / Crane Operator (to 100 tons)
  • U/W Explosives Tech.
  • Advanced First Aid, and CPR
  • Live Boat operations, Hard Hat, and SCUBA


Boeing Aircraft Lead Manufacturer Sheet Metal and Extrusion Mechanic
My employment with the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Co. extends over 25 years, giving me vast knowledge of aircraft structural design. This helped me tremendously in understanding both the weak and strong points of the B-17 design, and how we would ultimately Rig her for lifting and final floatation travel.

I have spent many off hours pursuing varied interests that have increased my understanding of how to tackle various problems and lifting projects:
  • Many years Climbing Hard Ice, in the Cascades
  • Several Multiday Backcountry Backpacking trips
  • High Mountain Lake exploratation
  • 20+ years of Competition Karate
  • Lots and lots of Diving!
Gordon lives in Federal Way, WA. with his wife, and three children.