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In 1988, there were 43 B-17s that still survived. Only about twenty of them were flyable or capable of being made so. Another twenty were on display in various museums. Three were abandoned hulks. Today, the only B-17s still flying are those that are used by such organizations as the Experimental Aircraft Association and the Confederate Air Force as "flying museums". Here is a list of surviving B-17s and their current disposition.

Still Flying!
  1. B-17F-70-BO serial number 42-29782. In flying condition with Museum of Flight, Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington under civilian registration of N17W.
  2. B-17G-70-VE serial number 44-5843. "Chuckie" a rare B-17G Pathfinder flying with Vintage Flying Machines of Fort Worth, Texas under civil registration of N3701G.
  3. B-17G-85-VE serial number 44-8846. Flying in France under civil registration of F-AZDX.
  4. B-17G-85-DL serial number 44-83514. Confederate Air Force, Mesa Arizona. Flies as 483514, "Sentimental Journey" under civilian registration of N9323Z.
  5. B-17G-85-DL serial number 44-83525. At Weeks Air Museum at Tamiani Airport, Miami, Florida and is maintained in flying condition.
  6. B-17G-85-DL serial number 44-83546. Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation, Chino, California. Loaned to March AFB Museum, California. Marked as B-17F-110-BO 42-30604 and is maintained in flying condition under civil registration of N3703G.
  7. B-17G-85-DL serial number 44-83563. On display at National Warplane Museum at Geneseo, New York and is maintained in flying condition under civil registration of N9563Z. Flies as 297400, "Fuddy Duddy".
  8. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83872. Flying with Confederate Air Force, Midland, Texas as "Texas Raider" under civilian registration of N7227C
  9. B-17G-105-VE serial number 44-85740. "Aluminum Overcast", owned by EAA Air Museum of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Flying under civil registration of N5017N.
  10. B-17G-105-VE serial number 44-85784. "Sally B" Flying with B-17 Preservation Ltd of Duxford, England under civil registration of G-BEDF
  11. B-17G-110-VE serial number 44-85829. Flying with Yankee Air Force of Willow Run Airport, Belleville, Michigan under civilian registration N3193G, as 485829, "Yankee Lady".
  12. B-17 serial number 44-85778, Civ.Reg. N3509G. "alive and well and in good care in Palm Springs Air Museum.
  1. B-17D serial number 40-3097 "Swoose": In storage at Paul E. Garber Restoration Facility in Silver Hill, Maryland.
  2. B-17E serial number 41-2446: Sitting out in the open abandoned in Papua New Guinea.
  3. B-17E serial number 41-2595: Converted to XC-108A. In storage at Galt Airport in Illinois.
  4. B-17E serial number 41-9101: Abandoned in Greeland. Now under 260 feet of ice.
  5. B-17E serial number 41-9105: Abandoned in Greeland. Now under 260 feet of ice.
  6. B-17E serial number 41-9210: Derelict at the La Paz airport in Bolivia.
  7. B-17F-10-BO serial number 41-24485: "Memphis Belle". On display at the Mud Island Museum, Memphis, Tennessee.
  8. B-17F-50-DL serial number 42-3374. In storage at Offutt AFB, Nebraska.
  9. B-17G-35-BO serial number 42-32076. "Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby". On display at USAF Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB Museum, Ohio.
  10. B-17G-90-BO serial number 43-38635. On display USAF Museum, Castle AFB, California. Displayed as 38635, Virgin's Delight.
  11. B-17G-50-DL serial number 44-6393. USAF Museum, March AFB, California. Displayed as 230092, Second Patches.
  12. B-17G-85-VE serial number 44-8889. On display at Musee de l'Air at Le Bourget near Paris.
  13. B-17G-75-DL serial number 44-83316. Stored in pieces at Ocotillo Wells, California
  14. B-17G-85-DL serial number 44-83512. USAF Museum, Lackland AFB, Texas. Displayed as 483514, Sentimental Journey.
  15. B-17G-85-DL serial number 44-83542. Stored in pieces at Ocotillo Wells, California.
  16. B-17G-85-DL serial number 44-83559. On display at UAAF Strategic Air Command Museum, Offutt AFB, Nebraska marked as B-17F-65-DL 42-3474, King Bee
  17. B-17G-85-DL serial number 44-83575. Bob Collings/Collings Foundation, Stowe, Massachusetts. Flies as 231909, Nine-O-Nine.
  18. B-17G-90-DL serial number 44-83624. On display at Dover AFB, Delaware.
  19. B-17G-90-DL serial number 44-83663. On display at Hill AFB, Utah.
  20. B-17G-90-DL serial number 44-83684. On display at Planes of Fame museum at Chino Airport, California as 483684, Picadilly Lily.
  21. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83690. On display at Grissom AFB, Indiana painted as B-17G-10-BO 42-31255 "Miss Liberty Belle".
  22. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83718. Owned by Brazilian Air Force Museum at Rio de Janeiro.
  23. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83722. Stored in pieces at Ocotillo
  24. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83735: On display at Imperial War Museum at Duxford, England marked as B-17G-35-BO 42-31983 "Mary Alice"
  25. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83785. Evergreen Equity, McMinnville, Oregon. Flies as 483785. (May be on display at Pinal Airpark, Arizona.)
  26. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83790. Abandoned in Newfoundland, Canada.
  27. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83814. In storage at Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C. awaiting display.
  28. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83863. On display at Elgin AFB in Florida.
  29. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83868. On display at RAF Bomber Command Museum at Hendon.
  30. B-17G-95-DL serial number 44-83884: On display at the Eighth Air Force Museum at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. Displayed as 38289, Yankee Doodle II.
  31. B-17G-95-VE serial number 44-85583. On display at Base Area de Recife in Brazil.
  32. B-17G-100-VE serial number 44-85599. On display at Dynes AFB Museum, Abilene, Texas. Displayed as 48559.
  33. B-17G-105-VE serial number 44-85718. On display at Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston, Texas. Flies as 238050, Thunderbird.
  34. B-17G-105-VE serial number 44-85734. Stored in damaged condition at New England Air Museum at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.
  35. B-17G-105-VE serial number 44-85738. On public display with AMVETS in Tulare, California.
  36. B-17G-105-VE serial number 44-85778. In semi-storage at Stockton, California awaiting restoration. (Perhaps being restored by Warbirds of Great Britain, Bournemougth England. To fly as Sally A. As printed in B-17 Flying Fortress by William N. Hess.)
  37. B-17G-105-VE serial number 44-85790. On display above a gasoline station in Milwaukee, Oregon.
  38. B-17G-110-VE serial number 44-85813. Stored in peices at Kissimmee, Florida.
  39. B-17G-110-VE serial number 44-85828 (44-85228?). On display with the USAF 390th Memorial Museum located at Pima Air Museum, Tucson, Arizona marked as B-17G-30-BO 42-31892, I'll be Around.

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