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305th Bomb Group - Virtual
Home page of WarBirds pilots penned after a World War II Bombardment Group, flying for the Mighty 8th Air Force in Europe. The site is dedicated to the memory of 305th BG and all others who flew and fought in WWII.

381st Bomb Group Memorial Association
Internet Home of the 381st Bombardment Group (H) Memorial Association Dedicated to "The Mighty Men of the 381st: Heroes All".

Virtual tour with plenty of external and internal images presenting the "Old-Nine-0-Nine".

Aero Vintage Book: B-17 Information
Images, news, links, and a comprehensive B-17 Locator may be found from this seller of aviation history books.

Arctic Rescue: B-17E "My Gal Sal"
USAF Air Rescue Service's information package about the rescue missions.

Aviation Archives - B-17 Messages
Aviation Archive is a research team highly dedicated to helping people understand the accomplishments and solving the mysteries of people participated in WW.

B-17 Combat Crewmen & Wingmen Home Page
An organization dedicated to preserving the memory of the gallant airmen, both living and dead, who served in the mighty Air War of WW-II and to the memory of their vehicle, the famous B-17 Flying Fortress.

B-17 "Memphis Belle"
This memorabilia site is maintained by Morgan Productions (Robert and Linda Morgan).

B-17 "Thunderbird"
This web site is a dedicated to the memory of the B-17G Thunderbird (42-38050) and her original crew..

B-17 Wild West Tour - EAAs "Aluminum Overcast"
The site promotes B-17s as well as the EAAs Wild West Tour providing a chance for in-flight experience onboard restored B-17.

B-17G No. 44-8846, "Lucky Lady" alias "Pink Lady" / "Mother and Country"
Home page of the Forteresse Toujours Volante's (Still Flying Fortress) "Lucky Lady" stationed in Paris-Orly Airport, France.

Bob's B-17 HomePage
Good source of information about B-17 related books, facts, movies, museums, simulations, models, etc.

Boeing B-17D "Swoose"
The National Air and Space Museumís "Swoose".

Boeing B-17F Restoration - "Boeing Bee"
Sponsored in part by the Boeing Management Association, volunteers have been restoring this B-17F over the last few years. 42-29782 is now owned by the Seattle Museum of Flight.

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress - "Shoo Shoo Baby"
US Air Force Museum's "Shoo Shoo Baby".

"Carolina Queen" Web Page
The aim of this web site is to be as complete a record as possible of one B-17 Flying Fortress crew with 2nd Lt. Charles "Ed" Brumback as the navigator of the "Caroline Queen". The site is beatifully implemented and packed with information!!

Castle Air Museum - Home of "Virgin's Delight"
Information (also) about "Virgin's Delight" the B-17G 43-8635.

Crash Site of the B-17F s/n 42-5318 by AAIR
As part of the web site provided by Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research (AAIR), this page describes one of the B-17 crash sites.

Fantasy of Flight - Home museum of "Piccadilly Princess"
This Polk City based museum has B-17G (44-83542) set in a "authentic" diorama.

Flying Tigers Warbird Restoration Museum
The great homepage of Tom Reilly's Restoration School and Museum. A must place to visit for all restoration fans!

Heavy Bombers by Scott Burris
Index to all the USAAF Heavy, and Very Heavy, Bombardments Groups of World War II.

Hill Aerospace Museum - Home of "Short Bier"
This Utah based museum is the home of the static B-17G "Short Bier".

Museum of Flight's Collection - "Boeing Bee"
This Seattle based museum has "Boeing Bee" B-17F 42-29782 on the exhibit list.

Hot List for B-17 Combat Crewmen & Wingmen
This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with the B-17 Flying Fortress and other pertinent information. The information is divided into the following categories:
  • Aircraft Museums on the Web
  • B-17 Related Websites
  • Historical Groups
  • Fun Misc. Websites

Nick's Big Adventure
John Nichols' experiences during the flight on-board "Aluminum Overcast".

WWII Aircraft Technical Orders, Pilot Manuals, and Related Documents on CD-ROM (offers B-17F CD set, and the B-17G set is already under production). The pages also include huge list of B-17 links!

Palm Springs Air Museum - Home base of "Miss Angela"
The Palm Springs Air Museum is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and operation of America's legendary fighters, bombers and trainers.

Personalized Aviation Art
Get a beautiful B-17, B-24 or B-26 color print with personalized markings of your choice. Unique and inexpensive way to freeze in time a never-to-be-forgotten part of WWII.

Propelled To A New Era

Restoring the Liberty Belle

"Screwball Express" Web Site
The story of "Screwball Express" and it's crew was written by the original bombardier of Screwball Express, Mr. Kenneth H. Cassens. All material contained within the site was taken from the book, "Screwball Express." The site was created with the cooperation of, and in collaboration with, Mr. Cassens.

The 390th Memorial Museum: Home of "I'll Be Around"
Online home of the 390th Memorial Museum, which has some nice information about B-17s.

The Aviation Group's B-17 Information Page
Full Text and Specifications on the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

The Bomber - Home of "Lacey Lady"
The memorabilia displayed in the family restaurant are reminders of a history, not to be forgotten. The Bomber family is dedicated to the preservation of this "flying Fortress" christened the "Lacey Lady".

The "Memphis Belle"
The Memphis Belle Home Page by Memphis Belle Memorial Association, Inc.


Web-Birds: Warbirds on the 'Web - B-17 Images

Web-Birds: Planes and Crews that flew with the 784th B.S. at some point

Yankee Air Force Flying Classics - Home of "Yankee Lady"
The Yankee Air Force operates (among other planes) a restored flying model of B-17G. The aircraft is displayed at Yankee Air Museum located at the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, MI. During the summer they tour the country on the airshow circuit.

Zeno's Warbird Video Drive-In (B-17 section)
A compilation of B-17 films (RealVideo), charts, photos, and diagrams. Contains also a list of B-17 related books and videos.

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